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Copper Trade Unit - US Pennies - 17 Pounds
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Copper Trade Unit - US Pennies - 17 Pounds

Product Information

United States one cent coins, more commonly referred to as “pennies,” were minted from 3.1 grams of a US-mined alloy containing 95% copper and 5% zinc from the introduction of the Lincoln cent in 1909 until mid 1982 when the composition was changed to 97.5% zinc with a copper coating accounting for only 2.5% of the new 2.5 gram coin.

Specialized electronic equipment is used to separate the valuable copper pennies from the zinc pennies in current circulation.  The 17 pound Trade Unit contains approximately $25 face value and the 68 pound Trade Unit contains approximately $100 face value.

About Copper Trade Units

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The Trade Unit standard is designed to bring consistency to the base metal coin bullion market by utilizing durable packaging, standardized weights, and trusted processors to ensure a high-quality and highly recognizable product, facilitating easier trade among coin holders and dealers alike.

Trade Units are packaged in traditional canvas coin bags for long-term durability.  The heavyweight bags are hand printed in the USA, using US-manufactured screen printing equipment and supplies.  The Trade Unit marking on one side of the bag denotes the country and denomination of coin, the metal composition, and the gross weight.

The other side of the bag features the business information of the approved processor or merchant where the Trade Unit originated.  Although all processors package Trade Units to the same high quality standards, some merchants offer buy-back incentives for Trade Units branded with their business name.

Standard Trade Unit weights are set with shipping efficiency in mind.  USPS Priority Mail® Flat Rate Boxes are the most economical way for most individuals and businesses to ship small heavy items, so Trade Units are designed to maximize the use of this service.  A single 68 pound CTU or four 17 pound CTUs can be safely packaged in a Flat Rate Box and still fall under the 70 pound weight limit.

Trade Unit bags are closed with a crimped double string seal featuring a holographic serial number.  The string seal can only be removed by cutting the strings and is not reusable, and the holographic serial number is tamper evident and will self destruct if removal is attempted.

In addition, a numbered paddle seal is threaded through the bag above the crimped seal.  Approved merchants can check the combination of the holographic serial number and the paddle serial number against the Trade Unit database to verify that the product was packaged by an approved Trade Unit processor.  Sealed bags can be traded with confidence that the product inside is of the advertised composition and weight.

The US Mint currently prohibits the destruction of US one and five cent coins to profit from the metal content under a ruling commonly referred to as the “melt ban,” but this does not prohibit collecting or trading the coins in their current form, much like 90% silver coins are commonly bought and sold as bullion.


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Price: $73.95
Buy Back Price: $58.65

Brand/Manufacturer: The Copper Cave

Product Code: 900-7000
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